Alfa Engine Kit - A001

$ 700.00

After the success of our first complete kit; our super-detailed version of the 8C 2300 Alfa Romeo Engine, we have improved it! Still a free-standing display engine, complete with engine stands, solid oak base, plaque, decals, ignition wire...everything in the photo. We have cast the Engine Block, Valve Covers, and Cylinder Heads in solid white resin. Our Engine can also serve as a direct replacement for the engine in any Pocher Alfa Romeo kit. A new Construction Manual has been created by Paul Koo...with 347 photos!


30 Super-detailed resin castings: Including engine block, sump, cylinder head, cam covers, supercharger, manifolds, carburetor, starter, generator, distributor, coil, water and oil pumps and more.

Metal components: Including water pipes, spark plugs, engine stands, pop-off valves, acorn nuts, intake screen, pedals, levers, bell cranks, control rods, gear lever and gate, brake lever, and nickel-plated 00-90, 0.80 nuts and bolts, simulated 00.90 and 0.80 and 1mm nuts and bolts to replace all of the cast-on nuts and bolts and much more.

Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery!



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