Alfa Steering and Front Brake Assembly (including Axle) - A037a

$ 155.00

The Alfa Steering and Front Brake Assembly is clearly one of our most ambitious projects ever undertaken. Each part in this Assembly started as a hand built prototype created on our workbenches. They are cast in bronze and then undergo a final preparation which includes drilling and tapping. The Steering Arms are a direct replacement for the Pocher stamped metal pieces and attach using the Pocher bolts. The Brake Arm is tapped and attaches with the 2 mm threaded rods. And, the Brake Levers utilize the tapped 0-80 hole in the MML Axle. The 1/16" brass rod (provided in the Kit) fits snuggly in the end of our Clevises (a dab of our Bondini glue is recommended). Includes the Axle and Levers.

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