Model Building with Brass - K007

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Ken Foran is a good friend of Model Motorcars, a master craftsman and now a published author. "Model Building with Brass" is a wonderfully illustrated book that follows the build of Ken's amazing 1:8 scale Model T Racer.

With over 320 color photographs, Ken's book details every aspect of automotive model building from the engine and its working pistons to the wheels, transmission and frame.

Whether you build in metal or plastic, the methods and fabrication techniques that Ken presents are useful, creative and easily adaptable to the project in your shop.

In Ken's book, you'll learn about cutting, forming, fabricating, soldering and finishing brass stock as well as detailed information about the bench top tools and chemicals that are critical to the use of brass in any scale model project.

From beginners to advanced scratch builders, modelers of all skill levels will want to keep a copy of "Model Building with Brass" on their work bench as it is a great reference book written by a world-class model builder.



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