Complete New Bugatti Headlight Set - B001Ga

$ 135.00

Ettore Bugatti was the engineering genius behind some of the most successful race cars of the automotive golden era. But it was his son Jean that added the beauty that makes the Bugatti one of the most elegant cars in the world. When Jean joined his father in the family business, he set about to redesign everything from Bugatti exhaust pipes to the front headlights and everything in between.

Well, we here at Model Motorcars don't have a Jean Bugatti, but we do have a Frank Giordano and like Jean, Frank has done a spectacular job of designing our new Bugatti Headlights. Taking a page out of the Jean Bugatti's design book, these beautiful new headlights are perfect scale replicas of the iconic "cones" that Jean designed right down to their iconic integrated front collar.

Includes the New Bugatti Headlights, Reflectors, pattern Lenses, bulbs, grommets, heat shrink tubing and wire.



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