Elephant Mascot - B015s

$ 45.00

We have commissioned a replica of the famous Bugatti Elephant mascot. This wonderfully whimsical pachyderm was Ettore Bugatti's response to the failure of his huge Type 41 Royales to attract customers. His famous sculptor brother, Rembrandt Bugatti, provided him with the design, and Ettore had it cast in sterling silver. Copies of this famous mascot have found their way onto bookshelves and desktops the world over.

The MMLtd 1:8 scale Prancing Elephant Mascot was sculpted by Jill A. Kenike, a former designer for Tiffany and Co. Because our Prancing Elephant Mascot is intended to adorn the radiator of Pocher Bugattis, we asked Ms. Kenike to trim the pachyderm down a bit to match the svelt lines of the zoomy Profile and Suprofile Bugattis. Our Prancing Elephant Mascot is balancing on top of our new Bugatti Radiator Cap which features the correct profile and simulated quick-release latch of the prototype. Now the Pocher Bugatti can have both a correct radiator cap and a link with the artistic legend that is Bugatti.

Cast in sterling silver!


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