Luggage Latches - Z026

$ 20.00

Luggage is a great accessory for any Pocher, and now Model Motorcars makes it easy to build with our new cast bronze Latches for suitcases and trunks. Some small blocks of wood, a bit of leather, and a set of our new Latches will be all you need to add some fitted luggage to your Pocher. Whether it is fitted to the trunk of your RR or Bugatti, or strapped to the running board of your Alfa or Mercedes, fitted luggage will add some excitement to any Pocher. And don't forget, the Mercedes cabriolet can always be fitted with some luggage in place of the rear seat.

Whether it is suitcases or trunks, attachcases or gun cases, our new Latches will be just the thing to add realism and that all-important wow! factor.

Sold by the pair.

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