Mercedes Front Seats - M036

$ 55.00

Our resins seats are a direct replacement for the frames, springs and leatherette that come in the K-74/80/82/85/90/93 Mercedes kits.

If you do not want to learn how to build a seat with springs and leatherette, these seats are for you. If you want your seats to look like the real thing but you do not want to use a sewing machine, these seats are for you. Can be painted and used as-is, or you can cover them with one of our leather kits. Either way, your Mercedes will look like a pro-built model.

These are easy to retrofit to existing models and have recesses cast into their rear surfaces to accept the Pocher seat frames (not included). Ingenious modelers will find all sorts of other uses for these seats because the resin material is easy to cut and sand.

Set of two seats (two backs and two seat cushions) to replace the seats of the Pocher Mercedes kit.

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