Resin Replacement Seats for Rolls-Royce - R016

$ 75.00

These cast resin replacement seats fit directly into the kit-supplied seat frames and replace either the spring assemblies of the later kits or the molded vinyl seats of the earlier kits. Either way, our new resin replacement seats make it easy to get a professional looking result. Just add one of our leather kits to turn your Rolls-Royce project into an award winner.

These photos show how our new replacement seats fit into the frames. It is necessary to remove the mounting pins from the seat frames of earlier kits, but otherwise no modifications are necessary. Rolls-Royce Resin Replacement Seats, consists of two front seats and one rear seat.

This item has Installation Instructions. To view the instructions visit Useful Info / Parts Instructions from our Home Page, locate the part and click on the link. 

Same as for the MB Seats.



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