Rubber-H-profile - 4 x 4 mm - RH40

$ 18.00

With this H-profile made of rubber, the model window panes can be installed visually and technically in an exemplary way. 

1 profile for different scales: 
The special feature of this profile is the universal application for different construction dimensions, because one of the four legs of the H-shaped profile is slightly longer than the other three. This allows the user to decide whether the smaller leg section will be mounted outward for smaller scale or the wider for slightly larger models. 
Since details on the model may optically emerge somewhat larger, this version is often far beyond the scale 1: 8 - 1:12 addition = to 1:16 
The fine rubber profile can easily be laid in smaller radii without bulging. 

The cross section is suitable for material thicknesses of 1.5 to 2 mm. Double lower material thicknesses or use silicone glue. 
Silicone-based material 
Suitable: silicone adhesive 
Maximum external dimensions approx. 4 x 4 mm 
Width of the center bar approx. 1.4 mm 
Color: Black 

Sold by the meter (39.37")



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